A portfolio of passionate work united by one mission: Enriching Lives.

LPF Company

The LPF Company is building a portfolio of companies, investments, and philanthropic endeavors based on our core values of integrity, hard work, stewardship, service and a commitment to excellence.


LPF Place is a boutique chain of Micro Mixed-Use Property Developments that embrace the innovative visions of new urban cities, and transforms them to perfectly fit within the celestial tranquility of Rural Towns.

JoyFlix Studios is a for-profit social enterprise with a primary mission to help parents strengthen joyful family relationships.  The mission’s strategy includes helping parents create influential multimedia stories for their families and others.

MillenniumX.ai is a company that helps people get all of the good, none of the bad from Artificial Intelligence via Entertainment, Education, Research & Development, Arts & Culture, and the best in buying AI-based products and services.

LPF Labs is an incubator platform for imagining, delineating , developing, and launching a wide spectrum of business ideas.

Innovate With Us

The LPF Company embodies “doers and dreamers” because we are constantly striving to achieve both the possible and impossible.  We look forward to collaborating with others on fresh ideas and new solutions in our culture of creativity and innovation.  If you have a visionary mind, adventurous spirit, and unique talents - then join us for endless opportunities to enrich your life, and the lives of others.